1. How much are tickets?

    Tickets range from $21 – $75. All tickets are some type of combo ticket and includes more than 1 attraction.
  2. Are there any discounts or family nights?

    Most of our sponsors offer discounts at their locations and Sundays will be Family discount nights.
  3. Is it safe to drop my kids off?

    That is your choice as a parent. However, while they are on site they will be watched by our security and staff to make sure they are not doing anything they should not be doing and that no one is bothering them. We have a very visible staff presence and do our best to keep your children safe. Of course we are trying to make them pee their pants by scaring them.
  4. What does VIP admission include?

    Front of line access to all 4 Haunts, Apocalypse and a T-Shirt.
  5. How do I volunteer?

    You must be 14 (or High School Freshman) or over to be considered. Then you need to print and sign our release form. If you would like to volunteer, click here.
  6. How old do I need to be to go through The SlaughterHouse?

    Older than 10 is recommended, but younger than 10 is okay if accompanied by an adult.
  7. What is Apocalypse?

    It’s our newest interactive attraction that allows you to shoot Zombies as you make your way through one of the longest Haunted Houses in the country.
  8. What is an “Extreme” Haunted House?

    This is a new development in the Haunted House industry that allows the creatures in the Haunt to help you experience all your senses of fear…touch, smell, sight and sound. YOU WILL BE TOUCHED…ONLY FOR THE BRAVE!
  9. Is it Scary?

  10. Is it Fun?